BVR Tool


The BVR Tool Bundle is a prototype tool which implements and provides support for the Base Variability Resolution (BVR) language (specification is available on the VARIES home page or here). BVR is a domain-specific language designed specifically to enable software product-line engineering (SPLE). The language focuses on core SPLE activities such as abstract feature modeling (vspec modeling), defining configurations (resolution modeling) and specializing of the derivation process (product derivation).

Downloads and Installation

The BVR Tool Bundle is a set of plug-ins for Eclipse licensed under the Eclipse Public License – v 1.0. The bundle enables feature modeling, resolution, realization and derivation of products, their testing and analysis. The tool is available and can be installed from the update site. The source code is available at GitHub.

Getting Started

There is a short tutorial available on the VARIES home page or here.

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